Yeahbrew Pro Starter Kit




This is the ultimate starter kit that you wont need to replace as you want to better your craft.

Included in Kit :

  • 30 L 304 Stainless steel conical fermenter.
  • Thermometer
  • S-type Bubbler
  • Bench bottle capper
  • 610mm Stainless steel mash paddle
  • Extract beer can with Enhancer
  • 50 x Bottle caps
  • Plastic measuring cylinder
  • Bottling tube
  • Priming sugar
  • Glass Hydrometer
  • 100ml Sanitizer
  • 250g Powdered Brew Wash

Needed but not included –

  • Bottle brush
  • Glass bottles


Yeahbrew Pro Starter Kit
Yeahbrew Pro Starter Kit