Standard Hand Pallet Truck Nylon (CBY30/DNY) | R

The “Standard Hand Pallet Truck Nylon (CBY30/DNY)” is a durable and efficient pallet truck with a 3.0-ton capacity. It features a cast iron hydraulic pump and double bogie nylon wheels for smooth and easy movement. The rubber handle ensures comfortable and easy operation, and the 3-position operating handle allows for convenient maneuvering. The pallet truck has a powder coated finish for added durability. It measures 1220L x 685w in size and has a wheel size of 180-50/80-70 nylon. The minimum and maximum fork height is 85/185mm, and it weighs 92kg.

Standard Hand Pallet Truck Nylon (CBY30/DNY) –

  • Standard hand pallet truck with a capacity of 3.0 tons
  • Cast iron hydraulic pump for durability and stability
  • Features double bogie nylon wheels for smooth operation
  • Rubber handle for comfortable and easy operation
  • 3-position operating handle for flexibility
  • Powder coated finish for a sleek appearance
  • Size: 1220L x 685w
  • Wheel size: 180-50/80-70 NYLON
  • Min/Max Fork: 85/185mm
  • Weight: 92kg
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