Emperor Small Breed Dog Food | R 225


Emperor Small Breed Dog Food – Emperor Small Breed Dog Food is a scientifically formulated complete & balanced canine nutrition.
Size: 3KG
Taurine: Added Taurine enables the production of bile salt which aids in fat digestion and contributes to the support of a healthy heart. Taurine also plays an important role in heart and eye health.
Chicken Recipe: Emperor food is formulated with a high inclusion levels of poultry protein, oil and digest. Poultry protein and hydrolysed liver is essential for muscle development and maintenance.
No Pork: Only include poultry making Emperor a suitable exclusion diet to help manage allergenic reactions and food intolerances associated with other animal protein sources.
No Soy: Allergy to soy-proteins in soy-rich foods is common. Soy may also trigger food intolerance
symptoms for other food types such as dairy or peanuts – or vice versa, even if no allergic mechanism is present. – R 225

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