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The Electric Hand Pallet Truck (CBY25/ELEC) is a fully electrical pallet truck that is battery operated. It is designed for easy use in general pallet transportation and has a larger battery for longer working hours. The truck features a foldable stand-on platform for comfortable use and a multi-functional handle for both drive and fork operations. It has a powder coating finish and is also available in a 2.0 ton lifting capacity. The truck has a lifting capacity of 2.5 tons at a height of 200mm. It has a size of 1220L x 680w (720), a battery volts of 2Vx12/210AH, a battery charger of AC220V/50Hz DC24V/40A, and wheel sizes of 80-70/80-36/250-80. The truck weighs 670kg.

Electric Hand Pallet Truck (CBY25/ELEC) –

  • Fully electrical pallet truck, battery operated
  • Easy to use for general pallet transportation
  • Larger battery for longer working hours
  • Foldable stand-on platform for comfortable use
  • Multi-functional handle for drive & fork operations
  • Powder coating finish
  • Available in 2.0Ton lifting capacity
  • Size: 1220L x 680w (720)
  • Battery Volts: 2Vx12/210AH
  • Battery Charger: AC220V/50Hz DC24V/40A
  • Wheel Size: 80-70/80-36/250-80
  • Weight: 670kg
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