EcoFlow DELTA Max Portable Power Station | R 30499


The EcoFlow DELTA Max Portable Power Station is a versatile and powerful device that provides backup power for your home. It has the capacity to expand from 2-6kWh, allowing for extended use during power outages. With a 2400W output, it can power heavy-duty devices. It also has fast charging capabilities, allowing it to reach 0-80% charge in just 65 minutes and solar charge in as fast as 2.5 hours. The power station has dual charging ports with a maximum output of 3400W for fast charging of multiple devices. It can be controlled through a smart app for added convenience.

To use the power station as a backup for your home, you will need a transfer switch. A transfer switch is a device that switches the load between grid power and backup power. Simply connect the EcoFlow Portable Power Station to your main panel via a transfer switch for instant home backup with a transfer time of 1-2 seconds. Please note that a 30Amp AC Plug Cable is needed to connect the power station with the transfer switch and must be purchased separately.

There are a couple of important warnings to keep in mind. It is recommended to charge the battery through a surge protector plug to protect it from damage caused by high surges between load-shedding cycles. Additionally, it is advised not to keep the power station plugged in when power is scheduled to return to avoid potential harm to the battery.

EcoFlow DELTA Max Portable Power Station –

  • Equipped with International standard plugs, adapters needed
  • 2-6kWh expandable capacity for home backup
  • 2400W output to power heavy-duty devices
  • 0-80% charge in 65 minutes
  • Solar charge in as fast as 2.5 hours
  • Up to 3400W fast dual charging
  • Smart app control
  • Transfer switch for instant home backup (Transfer Time 1~2s)
    • – R 30499

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