EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station | R 17999


The EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station is a product that provides portable power with South African standard plugs. It has an expandable capacity of 1-3 kWh and a huge AC output. It charges 7 times faster than standard power stations and allows you to go green without sacrificing speed. It is built to last 6 times longer than other power stations and comes with a 5-year warranty. The Power Station can be controlled remotely and is compatible with transfer switches for instant home backup. A 30Amp AC Plug Cable is required to connect the Power Station with the transfer switch and must be purchased separately.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station –

  • Equipped with South African standard plugs
  • 1-3 kWh expandable capacity
  • Huge AC output
  • 7x faster AC charging
  • Built to last 6x longer
  • Control from anywhere
  • 5-year warranty
  • Can be connected to a transfer switch for instant home backup
    • – R 17999

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