BraaiPlank™ Original | R 1199


Introducing the BraaiPlank™ Original, a revolutionary product that is changing the way South Africans do “plankie-braai”. This 80cm x 30cm precision machined plank is made with high-quality wood and strips of exotic mahogany, ensuring great quality and durability. It can be used as a large butcher’s block, a chopping board, or even as a serving platter or eating plate. Customers who have tried the BraaiPlank™ Original have been extremely satisfied, with one customer stating that it was the perfect Christmas gift and they loved using it for prawns, steak, and even slicing eisbein. With a risk-free lifetime warranty, you can try the BraaiPlank™ Original with confidence.

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BraaiPlank™ Original –

  • BraaiPlank™ Original with lifetime warranty
  • High-quality wood and exotic mahogany
  • 80cm x 30cm size
  • Can be used as a butcher’s block, chopping board, serving platter, or eating plate
  • Loved by customers
  • Changing the way South Africans do “plankie-braai
    • – R 1199

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