BraaiPlank™ MIDI | R 1079


Experience the versatile and durable BraaiPlank™ MIDI risk-free with our lifetime warranty. Customers love its high-quality construction and numerous uses, as highlighted by Janine Thornton from Sandton. Measuring 60cm x 30cm, this precision machined plank is made from top-notch wood and strips of exotic mahogany. It is ideal for various functions, including as a small butcher’s block, chopping board, serving medium platters, or even an eating plate. Revolutionize your “plankie-braai” experience with the extraordinary BraaiPlank™.

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BraaiPlank™ MIDI –

  • BraaiPlank™ MIDI is a 60cm x 30cm wooden plank
  • Made out of high-quality wood and exotic mahogany strips
  • Can be used as a small butcher’s block or chopping board
  • Perfect for serving medium platters or as an eating plate
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for a risk-free purchase
  • Highly recommended by customers, including Janine Thornton from Sandton
  • Transforming the way South Africans do “plankie-braai
    • – R 1079

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