Big John Fishing Magnet – 130KG Double Sided




The 130kg Big John Fishing Magnet is compact in size making it perfect to start Magnet Fishing. It is a double sided Neodymium magnet, consisting of 2 magnets on either side effectively giving you a combined strength of 260kg’s, which gives you the benefit of twice the surface area to snatch objects, effectively doubling your chances to attract something great.

This fishing magnet measures 60mm in diameter and 30mm in thickness making it an excellent choice for magnet fishing. At only 1.2kg’s it is light enough to carry in your backpack and take along hiking, boating or wherever your adventures take you. Despite it’s compact size it still offers serious lifting strength of 130kg on both sides (260kg combined strength) guaranteed to give you the best opportunity for a rewarding catch.

It comes supplied with a M10 Eye Bolt made of 304 grade Stainless Steel which can be mounted on either the top or side of the fishing magnet where there are pre-existing thread receivers. We recommend mounting it on the side of the fishing magnet as this doubles the magnets surface area, effectively doubling your odds of catching something.

Our fishing magnets are coated in a thin NiCuNi protective layer preventing damage to the internal magnets and making them suitable for magnet fishing in the sea, rivers and dams.



Vertical Pull Strength: 130kg
Combined Magnetic Strength: 260kg
Plating: NiCuNi
Grade: N35
Magnetic direction: North Pole in the centre & South Pole around outer edge
Comprises: 2 x Internal Neodymium Magnets, Steel Plate & M10 Eyebolt (304 Stainless Steel)
Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron
Colour: Silver
Diameter: 60mm
Thickness: 30mm
Weight: 1.2kg



The magnets Vertical Pull Strength Rating of 130kg is measured in laboratory conditions using a solid steel plate which is 10mm thick with the magnet placed in the centre of the plate and positioned horizontally on top. An instrument that measures force pulls the magnet steadily upwards at a constant pulling speed of 80mm per minute. The force in kilograms, at the point just prior to the magnet breaking away from the steel plate, is recorded and constitutes the magnets vertical pull strength rating.

Click here to view a video which shows the best fishing magnet knot for attaching the rope to your fishing magnet.



Big John Fishing Magnet – 130KG Double Sided
Big John Fishing Magnet – 130KG Double Sided