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The XCEL MENS 4/3MM COMP CZ – 2023 is a high-performance wetsuit designed for men. It offers increased blood flow and ultimate flexibility for maximum comfort and performance. It features updated technology such as Channel Flex for weightless, unrestricted stretch, TDC Chest to Ankle for thermo dry celliant, and Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone for a lighter, softer, and warmer feel. The wetsuit also has a Glide Skin collar to prevent flushing, an easy entry system with a balanced shoulder design, and a semi-dry zipper with magnetic closure to keep water out. The engineered fit system ensures a snug fit, and the one-piece front and back panel and back knee flex grooves prevent bunching. The wetsuit is triple glued and blind stitched for durability and has FusionX tape for heat-pressure bonded seam protection. Additionally, the NexSkin wrist and ankle seals minimize flushing.

XCEL MENS 4/3MM COMP CZ – 2023 –

  • Increased blood-flow with ultimate flexibility
  • Updated features: all channel flex
  • Channel flex allows weightless, unrestricted stretch
  • TDC chest to ankle – thermo dry celliant
  • 100% high-performance stretch for comfort and performance
  • Nanoprene lite Japanese limestone material for lighter, softer, and warmer feel
  • Glide skin collar prevents flushing
  • Easy entry system with balanced shoulder design
  • Semi-dry zipper with magnetic closure to keep water out
  • Engineered fit system for a second-skin fit
  • One piece front and back panel for seamless construction
  • Back knee flex grooves prevent bunching
  • Triple glued and blind stitched seams for durability
  • FusionX tape provides heat-pressure bonded seam protection
  • NexSkin wrist & ankle seals minimize flushing
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