BeerBros Starter Kit – 23 Litre




All grain starter kit. It’s great as a gift, or for those wishing to start making their own Beer.

Bottles and All grain not included.

    Whats Included :

Fermentation Bucket 25l Incl Tap, Adhesive Thermometer, Tap and Airlock
Two Handed Capper
100 Crown Caps
Glass Hydrometer
Large Bottle Brush
Bottle Filler with Spring Valve Incl Piping
Brewing Spoon
Brew Bag (Brew In a Bag)
Digital Thermometer LCD Screen with Probe
Sugar Measure for bottle priming
100ml No Rinse Sanitiser

(Bottles and All Grain Kit not included) This can be added from our all grain recipe kit and gives you the choice to choose a style of beer that you prefer and want to brew.

What else is required

36l Pot or urn for boiling
Cooler box used as Mash Tun
All Grain Kit

BeerBros Starter Kit – 23 Litre
BeerBros Starter Kit – 23 Litre