ALCOSCAN AL2500 ELITE Breathalyser | R 1450


ALCOSCAN AL2500 ELITE Breathalyser – AL2500 Elite is a portable personal breathalyser that uses a microcomputer control with a 3 digit LCD display and audio cues to provide results. The benefits of AL2500 Elite over the standard AL2500 breathalyser is that the Elite model uses a straw/mouthpiece, has a slightly larger brighter display and is matt black in colour. Annual replacement of the AL2500 Elite breathalyser is recommended due to the cost of calibration being similar to that of a new breathalyser. Max test count 300 tests. Spec Detail Indication of B.A.C 0.00 to 0.40% B.A.C. or mg/l equivalent by LED display Warming up Below 30 Seconds Response time Within 2 Seconds Mouth piece Yes uses mouthpieces / paper straws can be used Sensor Semiconductor type alcohol sensor Continuous usage Over 2 hours with one set of batteries Power supply Two 1.5V “AA” Alkaline batteries Weight 85g (Including batteries) Dimension (mm) 104 X 40 X 20 Note Auto power off Colour – Black Self Indication when calibration required Battery Low indication Air Flow Rate Checking Colour of Product might differ. Mouthpieces not included – R 1450

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