1.2kVa 1.28kWh Lithium Compact Power Station – 1200W | R 16599


The 1.2kVa 1.28kWh Lithium Compact Power Station is a pre-assembled, portable backup power solution. It functions as a UPS, automatically switching from Eskom Power to Battery Power to prevent downtime during load-shedding. It is ideal for homes or small offices to power electronics like computers, printers, Wi-Fi, alarm systems, and TVs. The system includes a 1200W solar-ready inverter, a 1.28kWh lithium iron phosphate battery with a long lifespan, and a steel cabinet with castor wheels for easy movement. It has built-in protection and a comprehensive LED display for information. It can power electronics for up to 4 hours and is not suitable for DB Board connections.

1.2kVa 1.28kWh Lithium Compact Power Station – 1200W –

  • Complete back-up power solution
  • Functions as an UPS for seamless switch between Eskom Power and Battery Power
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Ideal for powering electronics in home or small office
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use
  • Includes RCT VMII 1200W Solar Ready Inverter with 2000W MPPT Solar Controller
  • Includes Hubble S-100 12V 1.28kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Built-in protection for over-charge, over-discharge, and over-temperature
  • Lightweight and compact with 4 pre-fixed castor wheels
  • Rechargeable with AC/Eskom or solar panels (not included)
  • Can power WiFi router, laptop, TV, DSTV decoder, fridge, chest freezer, alarm system, computer, fan, and more up to 1200W total load
    • – R 16599

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